Preventive dermatological skin examination

Birthmarks are round or oval evenly colored dark brown spots with even borders. They can appear individually or in large numbers and can be found anywhere on the skin.

A birthmark can appear on the skin at birth, but most of them appear in the first 20 years of life or, later in some cases. Sunbathing increases the number of birthmarks and they tend to become darker.

Certain types of moles are more likely to develop into one of the forms of malignant skin cancer: malignant melanoma. These are usually larger than 5 mm, with uneven pigmentation, non-symmetrical and have irregular borders.

People with more birthmarks are at greater risk for malignant melanoma.

It is recommended that they get regular skin examinations by a dermatologist who will professionally and carefully monitor their birthmarks. In this way, skin cancer, especially melanoma, can be diagnosed in the early stage. We inspect birthmarks with a digital dermatoscope, take pictures of suspicious birthmarks and compare them at the next visit.



  • consultation with a specialist dermatologist,
  • personal and family medical history and an evaluation of skin cancer risk (melanoma),
  • a clinical exam of regional lymphatic glands and a general somatic exam,
  • a thorough check-up of all birthmarks with a dermatoscope,
  • guidance and advice on exposure protection with regard to the skin phototype.

PRICE: 110,00 €


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