Outpatient clinic for aesthetic dermatology

Aesthetic dermatology is a relatively new field of medicine, although the desire to stay forever young is as old as mankind. People have always experimented with various means, concoctions and herbs to find the secret to eternal youth.

Nowadays, the demands and expectations of our society to stay youthful and vital are stronger than ever. The world of beauty is constantly introducing innovations: from new trends and techniques, new technologies and innovative procedures and products. Thanks to modern technology, we have a variety of effective methods to choose from.

Aesthetic dermatology combines medicine and the principles of aesthetics. It involves modern dermatologic procedures that help us achieve an improved and more youthful look.

Aesthetic procedures are becoming more pleasant, they do not prevent patients from their everyday activities and are increasingly effective. They can help us improve the structure and appearance of the skin, reduce pigmentation and redness and achieve a smoother and more radiant youthful complexion. We can remove unsightly skin outgrowths, fibroma, warts and repair scars.
If you opt for these kinds of treatments, we would gladly offer our impeccable professional knowledge, experiences, state-of-the-art equipment and modern procedures.

However, before a planned aesthetic procedure, it is recommended that you make an appointment for a consultation. A specialist dermatologist will examine your skin and recommend the type of a treatment that will most likely give you the desired results.

Our waiting lines are short: up to 7 days.

Yana Targonskaya, MD
dermatology specialist

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